Camera Packages

DB94 Media offers variety of Red Weapon, Dragon and Scarlet shooting packages to meet any budget.  Formerly part of DB Productions via, all camera gear is now wholly owned by DB94 Media.  The gear listed below is not a complete list.  If you don’t see what you need, contact us and we can likely get it.

Red Package

  • Red Weapon/Dragon/Scarlet Body
  • ARRI MB20 Matte Box/Oconnor O-Box
  • ARRI FF4 Follow Focus/MFF-1
  • Media: 4x128GB SSD
  • 5″ Touch LCD
  • 4x or x8 Anton Bauer Dionic HC
  • Quick Back AB Mount
  • Oconnor 2065 or 1030 Head
  • Oconnor CINE + Babies or CF 30L Tripod
  • Hi-Hat Mitchell/150mm
  • RedMOTE


  • Red Pro Primes (18 thru 100) or other glass
  • RPZ 17-50mm
  • Panasonic BTH-1710
  • JVC DT-R24L41DU
  • TVLogic 5.6 LCD
  • Mantis Handheld Kit
  • Sachtler ACE Tripod
  • VCLX Block Battery
  • Teradek Bolt – wireless